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What It Means To Be You - Manhwa
What It Means To Be You - Manhwa
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“If I were dead… Would you have come to my funeral?”

Princess Violet marries Winter Blooming, who pays off the royal family's massive debt. Violet falls in love with Winter, whom she first saw at the wedding. For a while, she thought she was lucky but it changed when her older brother Esh announces the dissolution of the royal family.

Winter, who has spent his entire fortune without gaining a title, does not return home even on the first night of his wedding. Three years of suffering in a marriage, Violet gradually withers, due to Winter, who is only focused on making money and is cold to Violet.

Just when she was about to give up, she and Winter switches bodies. How did this happen and will they be able to change back?

Physical copy of What It Means to Be You manhwa.

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100% Authentic Seoul Media Comics Product

Ships to Worldwide via DHL / FedEx

Author: Bora Lee

Size: 140 x 210mm

Language: Korean

Publication Date: 01/17/2023

Volume 1
ISBN13: 9791136759863
Pages: 288
First edition limited(While Stocks Last): 1 profile card (random), 1 photo card

Volume 1 Limited Edition
ISBN13: 9791136760159
ISBN10: 1136760156
Pages: 288
First edition limited(While Stocks Last): 1 profile card (random), 1 photo card
Limited edition goods: Limited edition box, acrylic diorama, ticket to Lark Round, 2 profile cards, 1 famous ambassador postcard, 2 hologram photo cards, 3 gold leaf photo cards, 1 regular photo card, envelope

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