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It all began about a year ago when a friend tagged the founder of Harumio in a Reddit post with a request to buy the SPAO x Pokemon sweaters that were about to be released in South Korea. And what did you know, many fellow Redditors were interested in the sweaters as well!

To deal with all the requests, we decided that a website will be more suitably equipped to handle all the payments and delivery information. Thanks to the ninja-like coding skills of the said founder, the website was functional in less than 6 hours, and Harumio was officially launched!

Lady luck must have been smiling on us because, in less than just 24 hours, we managed to rake in more than USD$10,000 in sales. And despite some predicted small hiccups with logistics, we managed to ship the exclusive items to all our first-time and impromptu customers across the globe.

Fast forward to a year later, Harumio is now a registered company in South Korea, and we are also the proud recipients of the Seoul Global Startup Center Resident program that gave us the jumpstart that we needed for Harumio.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Even though it was serendipity that started Harumio, it was commitment that kept us in the game for this long. And we are committed to helping friends from around the world to have easy and better access to the latest Korean products at the cheapest rates.

With our expertise in shipping logistics and sourcing authentic products directly from selected manufacturers, we are here to help streamline your purchases into a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,
Founder of Harumio