Novel & Light Novel

    The Holy Grail of Eris - Light Novel
    from $44.00 USD
    Constance Grail, a viscount's daughter, is an ordinary young lady whose only distinguishing quality is sincerity. As a result, when someone steals her fiancé and wrongly charges her of petty larceny at a dance, she has no real recourse. As Connie waits for her unfair penalty, a spirit makes an offer. Scarlett Castiel, a noblewoman once lauded for her attractiveness, illustrious family, and undeniable charisma, and executed about ten years previously for her evil deeds, is the ghost in question. This is the physical copy of The Holy Grail of Eris light novel.  
    Sexiled - Light Novel
    from $43.00 USD
    Tanya Artemiciov was driven by vengeance after being told she couldn't achieve success as a woman, so she doggedly trained to become a magician. However, five years later, her buddy excludes her from their celebration for the same reason: she ventured to be a woman. Tanya conjures destructive charms in a wasteland to vent her rage, until an enigmatic lady appears in front of her. Tanya discovers that the lady, presented as Laplace, is a member of a magical class of sorceresses who were sealed away three hundred years ago and released by Tanya's disastrous rampage. This is the physical copy of the Sexiled light novel.  
    Cheat Skill Level Up - Light Novel
    $42.00 USD
    Since the past, Yuuya Tenjou has been a victim of bullying. He resides in his adored grandfather's house while attending school. He experiences the typical severe abuse, and he misses a lot of school to give himself some time to recover. During his extended absence, he uses the chance to tidy his grandpa's home and visits a room he has never been to, where his grandfather stored a variety of items that he had collected during his global trips. He discovered an entrance that wasn't on a wall while he was organizing the items. He opens this door out of interest, and what he discovered on the other side was... This is the physical copy of the Cheat Skill Level Up light novel.  
    What Happens If You Saved a High School Girl Who was About to Jump Off? - Light Novel
    $42.00 USD
    The beginning of a happy existence with a high school student who has reached rock bottom. Yuusuke Yuuki, who had spent his entire high school career learning and working part-time in order to keep his scholarship, found himself longing for a partner one day. On his way home, lonely from such thoughts, he glanced up into the heavens and saw a girl about to jump off the rooftop of an abandoned building. This is the physical copy of the What Happens If You Saved a High School Girl Who was About to Jump Off? light novel.  
    NieR Replicant - Light Novel
    $45.00 USD
    The protagonist is a good-hearted young guy who lives in a remote hamlet. To save his sister, Yonah, who has succumbed to the Black Scrawl, he starts out with Grimoire Weiss, a peculiar talking tome, to find the "Sealed verses". This is the physical copy of the NieR Replicant light novel.  
    Goodbye Declaration - Light Novel
    $43.00 USD
    You are not required to repeat any classes or to attend education. And attend college as usual and work in a regular workplace. I had such a mundane future in my head, staying home and watching television instead of attending school. However, you were an exceptional problem child, innocent, and more focused on pursuing your goal than anyone else when I first encountered you in the final spring of high school. When two individuals who would have been complete opposites connect, they become attracted to one another. This is the physical copy of the Goodbye Declaration light novel.  
    Cold-hearted Tsukishiro Is Just Too Cute For Me - Light Novel
    $42.00 USD
    My childhood buddy, Aoi Tsukishiro, is well-known for her blunt but cool attractiveness. I'm getting to know her endearing side as I reside with her, which is different from when I was at her school. This is a novel about a friendship that evolved into something more. This is the physical copy of the Cold-hearted Tsukishiro Is Just Too Cute For Me light novel.  
    The Downstairs Girl - Novel
    $49.00 USD
    Jo Kuan is a seventeen-year-old lady's maid in Atlanta who writes an anonymous advice column for Southern ladies at night. Her column gains popularity, but when it challenges traditional ideas about race and gender, Jo faces backlash. Meanwhile, a mysterious letter leads her to search for her birth parents, but her efforts put her in danger from Atlanta's most dangerous criminal. This is the physical copy of the The Downstairs Girl novel.  
    Serge - Novel
    $49.00 USD
    Three Jewish brothers embark on a trip to Auschwitz, confronting their family history, memories, and relationships. With black humor and deep emotion, the novel scrutinizes complex family dynamics, trauma, and midlife crisis, while Reza's sense of detail and striking replica of the house brand captures the texture of a broken and damaged brotherhood. Despite the heavy subject matter, the novel is intelligent and lively, and Reza's personal approach to the tragic through laughter makes it a powerful and moving must-read. This is the physical copy of the Serge novel.  
    My Cat Is Doing Weird Things Again - Novel
    from $45.00 USD
    Ton-chan, the cheeky cat, and spoiled Shino-san, the spoiled cat, two cats with totally distinct personalities and habits, are kept in your heart! The story is about a writer who resides with two lovable animals. Anyone who adores and enjoys cats will relate to and appreciate this book. This is the physical copy of the My Cat Is Doing Weird Things Again novel.  
    Live Leisurely - Novel
    $47.00 USD
    This is a never-before-seen insect cartoon that will have you laughing and frowning in no time! A novel that tells the tiny everyday lives of insects that appear to imply that being distinct from others is not wrong and that it would be good to live a little more 'relaxedly', which can provide warm consolation to readers. This is the physical copy of the Live Leisurely novel.  
    Anyway, Youth - Novel
    from $48.00 USD
    It is a tale about 'Hyeon-jeong,' a surplus who has been studying for the civil service test for two and a half years while others are working diligently. The tale of popular Hyeon-jeong's best friend 'Kim Dae-ri' and her ex-boyfriend 'Ming-gyu,' who were an unemployed pair but found work after splitting up, is as warm as her pals. Furthermore, the stories of Hyeon-jeong's mother, who operates a laundry while rearing Hyeon-jung alone, and the proprietor of a coffee shop, who works part-time, contribute to the warm atmosphere. You'll find yourself chuckling, weeping, and sympathizing with the comical yet vivid truth of Korean youth. This is the physical copy of the Anyway, Youth novel.  
    Left Hand Brotherhood - Novel
    $49.00 USD
    In "Alien Hand Syndrome," Takeshi's left hand moves on its own and hears the voice of his deceased brother. The novel follows Takeshi and Gaito as they become involved in a murder case, with the unique premise that Gaito's soul is in Takeshi's hand. The author weaves many mysteries throughout the story, leading to unpredictable twists and turns that keep readers engaged. The special bond between the brothers adds a heartfelt emotional element to the story. Physical copy of the Left Hand Brotherhood novel. NOTE: Pre-order. Shipping will start from 27th March 2023 onwards. If you have a preorder item in an order with another item that is already available, your entire order will be shipped together when the preorder item arrives and is in stock. Items will not be shipped separately within the same order number.
    Ore no Kantei Skill ga Cheat Sugite - Light Novel
    $44.00 USD
    Mel Lylute, an orphaned boy, receives the unique "Emotion" skill at 15. Its "EX" rank surpasses any standard and can read people and objects. This skill's danger lies in attracting criminals wishing to hide their identity, which Mel faces and evades with the help of an elf girl, using his cheat-like ability to overcome obstacles. Physical copy of the Ore no Kantei Skill ga Cheat Sugite light novel. NOTE: Pre-order. Shipping will start from 26th March 2023 onwards. If you have a preorder item in an order with another item that is already available, your entire order will be shipped together when the preorder item arrives and is in stock. Items will not be shipped separately within the same order number.  
    Meteor's Trajectory - Novel
    $47.00 USD
    The boundaries between dreams and reality blur as time draws a strange trajectory in life. In Yoo-seong's dreams, Se-in, a former classmate whom Yoo-seong never had a close relationship with, begins to appear every night. As Yoo-seong delves deeper into the dream world, memories from school days with Se-in intersect with the present. However, Se-in from the dream insists that it is not a dream but a reality. This is the physical copy of Meteor's Trajectory novel.  
    Goodbye, Cream Soda - Novel
    $47.00 USD
    Tomochika enrolls in Hayabusa Art University and befriends a talented senior named Wakana, but soon discovers her own inner struggles. Meanwhile, Wakana harbors secrets and wounds of his own. As Tomochika tries to unravel the mystery of Kyoko, a girl who suddenly appears, the novel delves into the painful and regenerative journey of young people in the modern world. This is the physical copy of Goodbye, Cream Soda novel. NOTE: Pre-order. Shipping will start from 19th March 2023 onwards. If you have a preorder item in an order with another item that is already available, your entire order will be shipped together when the preorder item arrives and is in stock. Items will not be shipped separately within the same order number.
    I'm A Wolf, But I Won't Harm You - Novel
    from $48.00 USD
    Imagine being born into a family of a sheep?! That's right, Lucy has to navigate life among her carnivorous kin all on her own. But when mysterious Roman who has a piercing silver hair comes into her life, things take an unexpected turn. Just when she thought she had found her place, Lucy is thrown for a loop when Roman's true identity is uncovered. "Hey, I thought you were a dog?! A dog!" This is the physical copy of I'm A Wolf, But I Won't Harm You novel.  
    Loyal Master - Novel
    $48.00 USD
    In this historical novel, the author challenges the commonly held view that the period of Yeongjo and Jeongjo was a renaissance period for Joseon, by questioning whether the country's decline after King Jeongjo's death and loss of sovereignty to the great powers can be considered a success. The story revolves around Hong Guk-young, a figure who is typically viewed as instrumental in King Jeongjo's rise to power but who later fell from grace due to an obsession with power. Through meticulous research and imaginative interpretation of the historical context, the author presents a new perspective on the reality and limitations of Joseon during the 18th century. This is the physical copy of Loyal Master novel.  
    A Man Called Ove - Novel
    $48.00 USD
    Ove is a grumpy and strict man who has earned the reputation of being the bitter neighbor from hell. However, behind his sour demeanor is a story of sadness. When a talkative young family moves in next door and accidentally destroys his mailbox, it leads to a heartwarming and humorous story of friendship, cats, and the challenge of reversing a U-Haul. Through this unexpected relationship, Ove's solitary world is turned upside down, and even the local residents' association is affected. This is the physical copy of A Man Called Ove novel.  
    Dance Dance Dance - Novel
    from $53.00 USD
    This sequel to Murakami's A Wild Sheep Chase follows the unnamed protagonist, a successful commercial writer, as he returns to the Dolphin Hotel in Hokkaido, where he once stayed with a woman he loved but never knew the name of. The hotel has been transformed into a trendy establishment called l’Hôtel Dauphin. As he delves deeper, he encounters supernatural experiences and meets the Sheep Man from A Wild Sheep Chase, who claims his job is to connect things and tells the narrator "Yougottadance". This is the physical copy of Dance Dance Dance novel.  
    Gotbi Flower Rain - Novel
    from $48.00 USD
    The emotion of the story is beautifully conveyed through a calm and neat writing style. Despite the sadness that arises from the relationship between a 'court lady' and a 'great army,' the humanity of the characters is felt strongly. Lee Eun-so carefully crafts each character and builds the story with delicacy, much like the slow falling of petals that eventually accumulate into a mountain of flowers. This poignant tale will linger in your heart long after the last page has been turned. This is the physical copy of Gotbi Flower Rain novel.
    Life - Novel
    from $49.00 USD
    Through the eyes of ordinary Koreans, this novel captures the realities of living in a country occupied by Japanese forces. From the bustling city of Masan to the frozen lands of northern Manchuria, this novel offers a vivid and engaging portrayal of life during this turbulent period. This is the physical copy of Life novel.  
    Silver Tree - Novel
    $123.00 USD
    Acre was in the midst of a battle between the Sultan, the invader, and the Knights Templar, who were dedicated to defending the Holy Land during the reign of King Philip IV of the Capetian dynasty.  Léa's family decides to escape by boat, but on that day, Léa has to go out into the midst of war to return a sword entrusted to her by the leader of the Knights Templar. She witnesses the leader's death and meets the knight Baltha. When she returns home, she finds her family brutally murdered and only her four-year-old sister Rachel is alive. The shocking truth about the intrigue and gods surrounding the Templar's holy relic is revealed, marking the beginning of a new era. This is the physical copy of the Silver Tree novel. NOTE: Pre-order. Shipping will start from 4th April 2023 onwards. If you have a preorder item in an order with another item that is already available, your entire order will be shipped together when the preorder item arrives and is in stock. Items will not be shipped separately within the same order number.  
    Trash Of The Count’s Family - Novel Part 1 Act 1 Set
    $182.00 USD
    The story is centered on a character who finds himself in a novel named "The Birth of a Hero" as a character who is considered insignificant. The main character, Choi Han, visits a village in the territory governed by the Count's family, and after the village is destroyed, he becomes twisted. Despite the circumstances, the protagonist views it as a chance to start anew. Physical copy of Trash of the Count’s Family manhwa.  
    Idol Even If I Die - Novel
    $47.00 USD
    Park Yeo-rin, a 15-year-old girl, finds the world to be uninteresting. Her mother abandoned her family to pursue her goal, and her father is difficult to see due to constant overtime work and business trips. She does not acquire high marks or engage in romantic relationships like the other youngsters. Thunder Seven is the only thing that gets her heart pumping. 'Rain' is the most popular of them all. Park Yeo-rin picks up a red letter while accompanying her father through an unknown area. When she noticed the enigmatic number in the envelope that night, she was visited by a peculiar boy ghost. Jin Ja-ryong, who has red hair and a brilliant look, claims to be a hidden member of Winwin, a prominent entertainment firm. Park Yeo-rin was meant to become her soul mate as a result of her opening the red envelope. This is the physical copy of the Idol Even If I Die novel.  
    Diet School - Novel
    $45.00 USD
    The book describes the escape and maturation of a 15-year-old girl who attends 'diet school' to lose weight but suffers because she can't endure the school's tyranny. The author's great sympathy and compassion for the main character, connects throughout the work, as evidenced by her experience of her chubby childhood being the reason of the story. This is the physical copy of the Diet School novel.  
    Plastic Bimbo - Novel
    $45.00 USD
    The novel describes the process of a 16-year-old protagonist who lost confidence in her appearance as a result of an unexpected mishap and formed a hidden cosmetic surgery club with her pals to lead the anti-plastic campaign against adolescent plastic surgery. This is the physical copy of the Plastic Bimbo novel.  
    Secret Box - Novel
    $46.00 USD
    This is a story about how entrepreneurship is challenged by ideas and how a culture unique to teens and new ideals is created. The message that teens aspire to live a tough life full of dreams is intertwined throughout our society's diverse cultures and traditions, and it emerges as an exciting narrative about youth. This is the physical copy of the Secret Box novel.  
    Ten Days Of Strange Wind - Novel
    $45.00 USD
    Eden, a teenage girl yearning for a presence she cannot feel in reality in the world within the SNS frame, sees the actual world with her five senses during a trip to Mongolia that she has left alone and confronts the true'me'. A warm and beautiful picture of the process of a youngster who feels that the world in SNS is more vibrant than the actual world, as well as the process of creating meaningful connections with people he encountered while traveling, and the process of confronting himself as an existence itself. This is the physical copy of the Ten Days Of Strange Wind novel.  
    Gardening Boys - Novel
    $43.00 USD
    It is a novel that tells the narrative of three first-year high school guys who unintentionally enroll the gardening class and care flowers throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Tatsuya, a pessimistic regular person, Owada, who messed about in middle school, and Shoji, who went to school with a box on his head as a result of bullying. The three outcast boys produce flowers and learn about the difficult life of little plants that blossom on their own, as well as about patience and paying attention. At the same time, each of them heals their heart scars, establishes a relationship that trusts and waits for each other, and vividly illustrates the process of growing up. This is the physical copy of the Gardening Boys novel.  
    Spirit Bear - Novel
    $45.00 USD
    According to Indian tradition, Cole, a violent problem kid, learns patience, humility, and courage in the arms of nature and finds healing for his wounded and enraged heart. It's a young adult novel with a plot. By grafting them onto Indians' thinking, the link between people who live with scars and nature that heals the wounds is uncovered. This is the physical copy of the Spirit Bear novel.  
    Truman School Malicious Comments - Novel
    $43.00 USD
    A novel that explores the negative impacts of teen internet culture. addressing the issues that teens face, such as bullying, cyberbullying, and feelings of resentment and envy, while acknowledging their gravity and obliquely offering remedies through the narrative of the main character. This is the physical copy of the Truman School Malicious Comments novel.  
    Our Garden - Novel
    $46.00 USD
    This is a story of how one person may influence another, bring people together, and gradually alter the course of history. Friends who approach with ease and provide warmth to the garden for the relationship-phobic. They allow the garden to establish its own universe and, as a result, start paying attention to others' sincere wants. They inspire us to imagine a future where individuals who sincerely adore something appreciate and support one another, even if the aim is different, because of the warm dialogue and transformation they exhibit. This is the physical copy of the Our Garden novel.  
    If You Fall In Love With Dokgosom - Novel
    $45.00 USD
    It shows the guts to go a step farther in the direction of the truth and the courage to support someone. It prompts us to consider if we jumped to conclusions based on impressions or hearsay and whether we passed up the chance to get to know someone well. The voices that criticize and pass judgment on others are so easy to hear at home, in the classroom, and at work. If you have ever inadvertently sympathized with him and hurriedly characterized someone, then if you have ever been humiliated by the genuine figure of the person you unexpectedly came to know, the youngsters staring at 'Dokgosom' in this book will not feel too far away. This is the physical copy of the If You Fall In Love With Dokgosom novel.  
    Let No One Come In - Novel
    $45.00 USD
    The story starts when Mrs. Jo Young-bun walks into Seok-gyun's home. She hasn't left the house in a year due to the unexpected death of her mother. Seok-gyun receives her mother's cell phone with an unidentified text message, and she must investigate. This is the physical copy of the Let No One Come In novel.  
    Kang The Conqueror - Novel
    $49.00 USD
    Kang, an elderly and damaged man, leads his younger self down a dark path at the start of the novel. Can Kang, a young man, prevent calamity and plan for a brighter future? Or will he be trapped in an eternity of sorrow and violence? This book reveals the origins of Kang, who is set to be filmed as the major villain of the new period! This is the physical copy of the Kang The Conqueror novel.  
    Proof Of Sphere - Novel
    $42.00 USD
    It is a book that explores the meaning of life and death through the experience of grief and sorrow following the untimely death of a loved one. The author uses beautiful phrases and emotional and sorrowful sensibility to convey the passionate love and cold death of a young and attractive man and lady with sophisticated sensibility and great writing style in this work. This is the physical copy of the Proof Of Sphere novel.  
    A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken A Liking To Me, A Person Who Doesn’t Want To Work For Whole Life - Light Novel
    $44.00 USD
    Rintaro, a high school student with a passion to be a househusband, has no interest in idols like Otosaki Rei, a member of the popular group "Millefeuille Stars" who is in his class. However, after accidentally helping her when she's hungry and stranded, Rintaro finds himself drawn into her world when she offers to pay him to cook for her. Though wary, Rintaro grows close to Rei and other members of the group as he helps them through their own struggles. This is the physical copy of A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn’t Want to Work for Whole Life novel. NOTE: Pre-order. Shipping will start on March 12th, 2023 onwards. If you have a preorder item in an order with another item that is already available, your entire order will be shipped together when the preorder item arrives and is in stock. Items will not be shipped separately within the same order number.  
    Somehow, The Beast And The Newlyweds - Novel
    from $47.00 USD
    A Korean traditional music prodigy, Bae Jin-joo, is torn between her passion for her career and her promise to meet her fiancé. The situation becomes even more complicated when her fiancé turns out to be one of the judges for an audition she's competing in. As they navigate their new relationship, the instinctual attraction between them begins to emerge. Will their show-window marriage become a real love story? This is the physical copy of Somehow, The Beast And The Newlyweds novel.  
    Hills Of Silver Ruin, Pitch Black Moon - Novel
    from $48.00 USD
    The ninth arc of the popular 'Twelve Kingdoms' series that follows the story of Daiki, who returns after a long absence to search for the missing king of a great country, Gyoso. The kingdom has been left in ruin since Gyoso's disappearance, and Daiki is determined to save it, but with only a slim hope of finding the king alive. This is the physical copy of Hills Of Silver Ruin, Pitch Black Moon novel.  
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