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With Harumio, you can purchase items from Korea in 4 simple steps:

We are your Personal Shoppers in Korea.

Our rates are the cheapest in the market, and we price check regularly against our competitors.
Our experience in selling Korean products internationally allow us to have a big advantage against our competitors who only focused on proxy services.

We provide package consolidation services as well. We leverage our warehouses and logistical expertise to enable the best and cheapest Korea shipping service to worldwide.
Bunjang.co.kr and other second-hand stores are also supported. Feel free to read our guide to shopping on Bunjang and Jungonara: just click on the banner below!

Items already listed on our website can be purchased directly from our store without using this form. This page is meant for items that are not on our store.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email support@harum.io
Thank you, and happy shopping!
Eg. Bunjang / Naver/ Daum Cafe / Etc.

Cost Detail

Type Fee Detail
Products Fee

Price of your product that you are purchasing.


For Normal Orders:

1) Conversion rate: KRW = $1.00 USD (inclusive of PayPal Fees)

2) $5 USD fee per 30 items for any normal order.

For Bunjang (second-hand goods) Orders:

1) Conversion rate: KRW = $1.00 USD (inclusive of PayPal Fees)

2) Commision Fee = $5 USD per item

1 item = $5 USD fee
2 items = $10 USD fee
3 items = $15 USD fee
n items = $5 x n USD fee

Applicable for items from Bunjang, Wesellit, Junggonara and other second-hand markets.
International Shipping Fee

DHL, EMS, Fedex, Air Parcel shipping fees

Photo taking service for each products Free. We will take a photo for all the items that you bought so that you will know what you are getting.