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Selling Korean Items?

Korean products are gaining popularity with consumers around the world due to the country's fast-trending and high-quality products.

However, most Korean websites do not offer international shipping due to high logistics costs and language barriers. Those that do require a minimum order to make the transaction worthwhile.

Short of traveling to Seoul to make a personal or bulk purchase, most international sellers like you wanting to sell these trendy and best-selling items find themselves at the short end of the stick.

So, Harumio is offering a dropshipping service to sellers who are interested in selling Korean items but do not want to keep stock or worry about logistics.

All you need to do it sell and promote the products, and leave the rest to us!

Why Dropship With Harumio?


No setup fee

There's no extra payment needed just to start using our dropshipping service! Get started by sending us an email at support@harum.io!


No monthly subscription

There's no monthly fee to keep using our service! All you need to do is to send us your order!


No minimum monthly order

Having a slow month? No problem! We'll still help you to dropship your order to your loyal customer! 


24-hour Processing

Get quick replies from our friendly Customer Service team who's here to to ensure a great dropshipping experience for you!


7-day Delivery Service

We deliver worldwide, and with logistics partners like FedEx and DHL, we'll get your order to your customers within 7 days from our warehouse to most places in the world!



Don't want to know your customers to know that your parcel comes from Harumio? No problem! We will remove all Harumio paperwork from the shipment.


Pack and Ship

Purchasing multiple items in an order? No worries, we'll pack all the items in your order and ship it to your customer for you!


Direct from Korea

We ship all purchases directly from our warehouse in Seoul, South Korea! And we can purchase from any legitimate Korean website and ship the items for you. 

How it works?

  • 1.
    Email Us

  • 2.
    Wait for Quote

  • 3.
    Make Payment

  • 4.
    Wait for Delivery

Pay less service fees with more orders per month. (1 dropship address = 1 order).

0 - 10 addresses (per month): $3.00 per order

10 - 30 addresses (per month): $2.50 per order

Above 30 addresses (per month): $2.00 per order

Shipping fees: based on weight, country, and zip code.

Fill up the form above or give us an email at support@harum.io to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Anything legal! As long as we can purchase them from a Korean website!


We will quote the supplier price for you so that you can remain competitive!

Hit us up with an email, and we'll see if we can give you some suggestions based on your niche.