Unintentional Love Story Manhwa

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Wonyoung gets unjustly suspended from work after getting caught up in a corruption scandal. But when he accidentally discovers the chairman's favorite artist Yoon Taejun living under an alias, he is tasked with a tricky new mission. Could this be Wonyoung's chance to get his job back?

These are physical copies of Unintentional Love Story manhwa.


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Alternative Names: I Don't Need Love!, I Don't Want Love!, Ore wa Ren'ai nanka Motometenai!, 비의도적 연애담

Author: Pibi

Size: 128 x 180mm

Age: 19+ years old

Volume 1
ISBN13: 9791136253033
Pages: 246

Volume 2
ISBN13: 9791136253040
Pages: 254

Volume 3
ISBN13: 9791136253057
ISBN10: 113625305X
Pages: 258

Volume 4
ISBN13: 9791136260987
Pages: 254

Volume 5
ISBN13: 9791136260994
ISBN10: 1136260994
Pages: 238

Volume 6
ISBN10: 1136261001
Pages: 234


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