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The Edge of Ambiguity - Manhwa

The Edge of Ambiguity - Manhwa
The Edge of Ambiguity - Manhwa
The Edge of Ambiguity - Manhwa
The Edge of Ambiguity - Manhwa

The Edge of Ambiguity - Manhwa

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For Shin Soo-young, school is nothing more than a place to study. He’s there to get good grades, get into a good university, and get himself a good enough job so that he can help his family. Tae Jihwan, on the other hand, swans through life without a care in the world. He’s got it all: money, good grades, and more friends than any one person could truly need. And yet, he seems to have his eye on becoming friends with Soo-young as well. No matter how hard he tries, Soo-young can’t figure out what Jihwan wants from him, but the other boy is nothing if not persistent. Slowly but surely, Soo-young starts to let his walls come down, but just how long can he keep his balance on the edge of all this ambiguity...?

This is the physical copy of The Edge of Ambiguity Manhwa. Immerse yourself in the stunning artwork and gripping storyline as you follow the journey of complex characters. With twists and turns at every corner, this manhwa will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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Associated Names: 모호함의 언저리, 曖昧さのどこか, 暧昧的边缘, รักซ่อนเล่ห์

Author: EZ

Language: Korean

Size: 145 x 200 x 30mm

Volume 1
ISBN13: 9791170951957
ISBN10: 1170951953
Pages: 316

Volume 2

Season 1 Set ( Volume 1 & Volume 2)
ISBN13: 9791170951971
ISBN10: 117095197X
Pages: 644
First edition (While stock lasts): Lenticular Photo Card 2 sheets

Note: Free gifts for season 1 set ( Acrylic Keyring will be given strictly based on certain terms and conditions and while stocks last).

Suitable for age 19 years old + 

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