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Shin is a mechanic who fixes broken cars on the street. He meets Jake, who needs his car repaired, but Shin is bothered by Jake's flirtatious behavior. Despite this, Shin accepts Jake's offer for the repairs because of the high payment. Later, Shin discovers that Jake is a member of a dangerous gang, but Jake keeps getting involved in Shin's life. Shin tries to keep his distance, but he finds himself getting more involved with Jake.


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Alternative Names: 셔트라인

Language: Korean

Author: Kyou

Size: 148 x 210mm

Age: +19 years old

Volume 1 
ISBN13: 9791197746253
ISBN10: 1197746250
Pages: 276
Edition: Color
First press (While Stocks Last): 1 postcard, color

Volume 2
ISBN13: 9791197746260
ISBN10: 1197746269
Pages: 256
Edition: Color
First press (While Stocks Last): 1 postcard, color

Volume 3
ISBN13: 9791197746277
ISBN10: 1197746277
Pages: 252
Edition: Color
First press (While Stocks Last): 1 postcard, color

1-3 Limited Edition Set
ISBN13: 9791197746284
ISBN10: 1197746285
Pages: 784
Edition: Color
Composition: All 3 volumes + Metal pin badge + set limited Postcards 5 types + Sticker pack + box / first edition limited postcards 3 types, color

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