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My Strange Hero, a South Korean drama series which is about Kang Bok-Su (Yoo Seung-Ho) a high school student who was falsely accused of committing violence and was kicked out of school. This was caused by his first love Son Soo-Jeong (Jo Bo-Ah) and a male student Oh Se-Ho.

Kang Bok-Su is a now an adult, but his life has not gone smoothly. To get revenge on Son Soo-Jeong and Oh Se-Ho, he returns to the same high school as a student. The environment at the school has changed and Kang Bok-Su gets involved in unexpected events.

This is the full official OST album from this exciting show that features such beautiful and lovely music.


100% Authentic and Official SBS Drama Product

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Weight : 700g 

Track List:

    CD 1.
    01. 나랑 만나볼래요 - 켄(VIXX)
    02. Blue Sky - 서교동의 밤
    03. 듣고있니 - 황치열
    04. Love Story - 스텔라장
    05. 눈꽃사랑 - 유주(여자친구)
    06. 사랑일까 - 소연(라붐), 딘딘
    07. 배웅 - 모트(Motte)
    08. 걷다보면 - 최상엽
    09. Magic Dream - 에이프릴(APRIL)
    10. 나랑 만나볼래요 (Inst.) - 켄(VIXX)
    11. Blue Sky (Inst.) - 서교동의 밤
    12. 듣고있니 (Inst.) - 황치열
    13. Love Story (Inst.) - 스텔라장
    14. 눈꽃사랑 (Inst.) - 유주(여자친구)
    15. 사랑일까 (Inst.) - 소연(라붐), 딘딘
    16. 배웅 (Inst.) - 모트(Motte)
    17. 걷다보면 (Inst.) - 최상엽
    18. Magic Dream (Inst.) - 에이프릴(APRIL)

    CD. 2
    01. Afternoon Date - 박세준, 나윤식
    02. Looking For Love - 김동혁, 데빈
    03. Lunchtime - 박세준
    04. More and more - 박세준, 김민지
    05. The Way To School - 박세준, 우지훈
    06. Toys Party - 박세준
    07. Are We Really Parted - 이념
    08. A Gloomy Desk - 박세준, 우지훈
    09. Day Of The Revenge - 송진석
    10. False Charge - 박세준, 우지훈
    11. Formidable Music - 송진석
    12. Fuzz Cruising - 김동혁, 데빈
    13. Night Letter - 박세준, 김민지
    14. Kiss On The Roof - 박세준, 우지훈
    15. Knifewind - 박세준, 김민지
    16. The Abondoned Children - 박세준, 우지훈
    17. With - 박세준, 김민지
    18. Wild Flower - 박세준, 우지훈
    19. The Moment Of Fate - 박세준, 우지훈
    20. Seeyou - 박세준, 김민지
    21. 눈꽃 사랑 Guitar Version - 이유진, 박세준
    22. Jjang Jjang Man - 박세준, 우지훈

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