SBS Drama - Do You Like Brahms? OST

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Do You Like Brahms? (브람스를 좋아하세요?) is a Korean television series starring Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae. It is a romance drama about the students of classical music at a prestigious institution.

This is the OST album that features such beautiful and captivating music, set to amaze you.


100% Authentic and Official SBS Drama Product

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Weight : 700g

Package Composition:

 - 2CD

 - 3-stage Digipack

 - Liubori's music podium & song commentary included


Track List:

CD 1

  1. Close To Me – Punch
  2. 지금 만나러 갈게 (Confession) – G.o.d.
  3. 너의 달빛 (Your Moonlight) – Chen (EXO)
  4. 널 사랑했던 한 사람 (Love Me) – Punch
  5. 내일은 고백할게 (Kiss Me) – TaeYeon
  6. Do you like Brahms? – Hye Rim (혜림)
  7. träumerei : 꿈 (Träumerei: Dream) (Main theme)
  8. poco a poco : 조금씩, 서서히 (Poco a Poco: Slowly, Gradually)
  9. innig : 진심으로 (Innig: Heartfelt)
  10. non troppo : 지나치지 않게 (Non Troppo: Not Too Much)
  11. accelerando : 점점 빠르게 (Accelerando: Accelerating)
  12. raffrenando : 속도를 억제하면서 (Raffrenando: Controlling One’s Pace)
  13. inquieto : 불안하게, 안정감 없이 (Inquieto: Restless, Unstable)
  14. con fermezza : 확실하게, 분명하게 (Con Fermezza: Firmly, Clearly)

CD 2

  1. 그리워하면 그댈 만날까봐 (Dream) – Kim Na Young
  2. My Love – Yu Ri (IZ*ONE)
  3. 밤하늘의 저 별처럼 (Midnight) – Heize, Punch
  4. 아름다운 한 사람 (Beautiful) – K.Will
  5. 노래해요 그대 듣도록 (Love Song) – Gummy
  6. Happy – Baek Hyun
  7. dolce : 달콤하게 (Dolce: Sweetly)
  8. sotto voce : 속삭이는 목소리로 (Sotto Voce: In a Whisper)
  9. fermata : 늘임표 (Fermata: Hold, Pause)
  10. da capo : 처음으로 되돌아가서 (Da Capo: From The Beginning)
  11. arpeggio : 펼침화음 (Arpeggio: A Broken Chord)
  12. a tempo : 본래의 속도로 돌아가서 (A Tempo: Return To The Original Speed)
  13. general pause : 돌연히 멈추고 모든 성부가 쉴 것 (General Pause: Suddenly stop and all Fathers will rest)
  14. crescendo : 점점 크게 (Crescendo: Getting Bigger)


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