Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Novel

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Whenever this present reality is dove into the reason of Ways of Survival, Kim Dokja's extraordinary information on the novel becomes fundamental to his endurance. Kim Dokja aligns with Yoo Joonghyuk, the hero of Ways of Survival, to change the clever's unique plot and all the more rapidly approach the finish of the story.

Immerse yourself in this fascinating world of tales and fables where god and deities alike are more than just folklore and fictional stories.
Be more than just a reader and conquer the trials and tribulations and in turn conquer your own fate to be more than just a character!

Also known as: 


Perspective of Omniscient Reader


4th Wall Edition Set Composition: 8 books + 4th Wall Bookstand + File Kit for Full Reading

ISBN13: 9788934967576

Pages: 2,640 

Publication Date: January 20, 2022

Size: 130 x 190 x 30mm

Language : Korean

Part 2 - 3 - Paperback Edition Including gifts

Publication Date: December 27, 2022

Set Composition
1) 6 total volumes, paperback

2) Kim Dokja acrylic stand - 120 x 170mm, front 65mm when assembled, height 110mm (The actual goods do not have grid patterns, they are made of transparent acrylic. The background paper is included separately.)

3) The 4th wall bookends + Circular constellation magnet - 130 x 150 x 100mm, steel, matte black

4) 4-cut photo when reading - 51 x 152mm, new illustration (actually, there is no grid pattern on the goods)

5) Giant Snowflake masking tape - width 15mm, total length 5m, including external case

6) Photocards when reading (5 types) - 55 x 85mm each , the same on the back, snow + hologram coating

Part 1: Volume 1
ISBN13: 9788934967316
Pages: 346

Part 1: Volume 2
ISBN13: 9788934967323
Pages: 330

Part 1: Volume 3
ISBN13: 9788934967330
Pages: 346

Part 1: Volume 4
ISBN13: 9788934967347
Pages: 326

Part 1: Volume 5
ISBN13: 9788934967354
Pages: 338

Part 1: Volume 6
ISBN13: 9788934967361
Pages: 302

Part 1: Volume 7
ISBN13: 9788934967378
Pages: 302

Part 1: Volume 8
ISBN13: 9788934967385
Pages: 350



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