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Adapted from the popular high school fantasy romance webtoon “July Found By Chance”, here comes the highly rated K-Drama, Extraordinary You's Original Soundtrack which is now available for your purchase, in several packages!

There are 2 CDs containing all the alluring music and sounds of this popular K-Drama, Extraordinary You.

There are several packages you can choose from:

Package AOfficial OST Album, Poster 1ea (Random of 4), Cover Replaceable Postcard 1ea

Package B - Official OST Album, Poster 1ea (Random of 4), Photo Card 3ea (Random of 7), Cover Replaceable Postcard 1ea

Package C - Official OST Record, Poster 2ea (Random of 4), Photocard 5ea (Random of 7), Accordion Postcard 1 set (Personal Version), Postcard Frame, Name Plate 1ea (Random of 3), Day Note (blank notebook), cover replacement postcard 1ea

Package D - Official OST Album, Poster 4ea, Name Plate 3ea, Photo Card 7ea, Accordion Postcard 2 sets (Personal Version, Couple Version), Postcard Frame, Day Note (M solid Notebook), Cover Replaceable Postcard 1ea, Album Credits (Listed Tokens)

100% Authentic and Official MBC Drama Product

Ships to Worldwide via EMS / DHL / Fedex

OST Content:


1. Feeling

2. My Beauty

3. First Love (첫사랑)

4. "First Love (Drama Version)" (첫사랑 Drama Version)

5. "Today I Wanna Say That I Love You" (오늘은 꼭)

6. "The Story That Has Never Been Told" (한 번도 하지 못한 이야기)

7. "Never Ending Story" (끝나지 않을 이야기)

8. "I Draw You In My Heart" (너를 그린다)

9. "Feeling" (instrumental)

10. "My Beauty" (instrumental)

11. "First Love" (첫사랑) (instrumental)

12. "First Love (Drama Version)" (첫사랑 Drama Version) (instrumental)

13. "Today I Wanna Say That I Love You" (오늘은 꼭) (instrumental)

14. "The Story That Has Never Been Told" (한 번도 하지 못한 이야기) (instrumental)

15. "Never Ending Story" (끝나지 않을 이야기) (instrumental)

16. "I Draw You In My Heart" (너를 그린다) (instrumental)


1. Walk This Sky

2. See the Fantasy

3. A Door to Time

4. Through Time

5. Touch by Touch

6. Center Girl

7. Solitude

8. Yellow Sky

9. Conti

10. By Chance

11. Burning Light

12. Pearly Rain

13. Tricky

14. Shiny Morning

15. Poop

16. There's a Problem

17. A Blank of Memory

18. Hype

19. Dazzlingly Love

20. Ocean Dreams

21. Heart Memory

22. Ego

23. High School Runway

24. House of Glass

25. By Accident

26. Where Are We

27. Glow

28. A Turbulent Period

29. Strange Feeling 


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