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Relive the magic of "Lovely Runner," the hit romantic fantasy drama, with this exclusive script book set!

This collector's item includes:

  • Complete, uncut scripts: Experience the full story, including unreleased and unfilmed scenes, for a deeper understanding of the characters and their journeys.
  • Author's insights: Get exclusive interviews with writer Lee Si-eun and actors Byun Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon, revealing behind-the-scenes secrets and untold stories.
  • Sol's Movie Script: Dive into the full version of Sol's movie scenario, "[A Time to Walk Down Memory]," that captured Seonjae's heart.
  • Writer's Pick Lines: Revisit your favourite moments with a curated selection of the most heartfelt and impactful lines from the drama.
  • Early 2000s Nostalgia: Enjoy the charm of the early 2000s with references to Cyworld, Canmore phones, and music woven throughout the script.
  • Bonus Content (English Translated): Explore new scenes written by the author and interviews in English for a global audience.

This is your chance to truly over-indulge in the world of "Lovely Runner" and discover everything you might have missed. Order your script book set today!

Table of Contents

[Volume 1]

  • Notes from the author
  • Planning intention
  • Main characters
  • Glossary of terms
  • Writer's pick
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Part 7
  • Part 8

[Volume 2]

  • Note
  • Glossary of terms
  • Writer's pick Part
  • Part 9
  • Part 10
  • Part 11
  • Part 12
  • Part 13
  • Part 14
  • Part 15
  • Part 16
  • Additional Scene
  • [Time to Walk down Memory]
  • Screenwriter Interview
  • Actor Interview (Byun Woo-seok, Kim Hye-yoon)
  • Additional Scene English Translation
  • Interview with Author and Actor English Translation


Language: Korean


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