Let Me Stay Over Tonight! - Novel

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28-year-old Gyuri Gam has never dated anyone before in her life. She wakes up after a night of heavy drinking and recalls that someone from work asked her out, but she has no memory of who it was. She narrows her choices down to three: Seunghu, attractive co-worker who is kind to her; Myeonseok, her brilliant but irritable boss; and Leo, a popular actor that anybody would kill to date. It should not be hard to figure out who her mysterious admirer is...but, is this really the case?

This is the physical copy of Let Me Stay Over Tonight! novel.

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Alternative Names:
오늘 밤만 재워줘

Author: Heabun

Size: 145 x 200 x 35mm

Language: Korean

Volume 1:
Pages: 528
First Edition Limited (While stocks last): Postcard (book and wrapping)

Volume 2:
Pages: 512
First Edition Limited (While stocks last): Postcard (book and wrapping)

Full Collection Set:
Pages: 1,040
First Edition Limited (While stocks last): Postcard (book and wrapping)


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