Inso's Law - Manhwa

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Ham Dan, an average student, whose hobby was reading “Law of Insomnia” wakes up to a beautiful novel like heroine. But even in the world of fantasy novels, her role is no different. Her normal everyday life coming to an end, as she becoming more twisted by her strong character. The books are in Korean.

These are physical copies of Inso's Law manhwa.

Note: Pre-order for Volume 5 and Volume 5 limited edition. Shipping will only start from 30th July 2022 onward. If you have preorder item in an order with another item that is already available, your entire order will be shipped together when the preorder item arrives and is in stock. Items will not be shipped separately within the same order number.


100% Authentic and Official DNC Media Product

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Alternative Names: 만화 인소의 법칙

Ahyun (Manga) and Yuhan Ryeo (Original)

Size: 15 x 21 cm

Volume 1
ISBN: 9791189320591 
Number of Pages: P. 276

Volume 1 Limited Edition
ISBN: 9791189320584 
Number of Pages: 
P. 276
Includes: 1 book + Character keyring series 1 Ham Dan + Postcard Limited Edition  Note + Travel Sticker set of 4 

Volume 2
ISBN: 9791189320751
Number of Pages: P. 280

Volume 2 Limited Edition
ISBN: 9791189320768
Number of Pages: P. 280
Includes: 1 book + Character keyring series 1 Ban Yeo-ryeong (3 x 7cm) + Lenticular Card (10.5×14.5cm) + 2 Can Badges (5.8cm diameter) 

Volume 3
ISBN: 9791191363760
Number of Pages: P. 268

Volume 3 Limited Edition
ISBN: 9791191363906
Number of Pages: P. 280
Includes: 1 book + Character Keyring Series 3 Eun Ji-ho + Ham Dan-i student ID + 4 postcards

Volume 4
ISBN13: 9791167770271                 
ISBN10: 1167770277
Number of Pages: P. 268

Volume 4 Limited Edition
ISBN13: 9791167770288                 
: 1167770285
Number of Pages: P. 268

Includes: L Holder + Character Key Ring Series 4 'Eunhyung Kwon' + 2 types of film-style acrylic bookmarks + 5 types of Polaroid cards

Volume 5 (Color)
ISBN13: 9791167771209
ISBN10: 1167771206
Number of Pages: P. 288

Volume 5 Limited Edition (Color)
ISBN13: 9791167771223
ISBN10: 1167771222
Number of Pages: P. 288
Includes: Ban Yeoryeong Student ID + Character Keyring Series 5 'Spaceman' + 4 postcards + 2 SD emotion stickers

Volume 6 (Color)
ISBN13: 9791193821190
ISBN10: 1193821193
Number of Pages: P. 268

Volume 6 Limited Edition (Color)
ISBN13: 9791193821237
ISBN10: 1193821231
Number of Pages: P. 268
Includes: Eun Ji-ho's student ID + character key ring series 6 Yoo Cheon-young + 4 types of A3 poster postcards, color


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