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If I Draw You, It Becomes A Lie - Novel

If I Draw You, It Becomes A Lie - Novel
If I Draw You, It Becomes A Lie - Novel

If I Draw You, It Becomes A Lie - Novel

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Toko Takimoto is a talented young artist who has devoted her life to perfecting her craft. When she enrolls in an art academy at the start of elementary school, she becomes even more devoted to her work and forgets to eat or sleep. Then one day, she meets Haruto Nanjo, a boy who has skills that surpass even her own. Toko begins to open up to Haruto, and the two of them bond over their shared passion for art. But on a stormy night, the atelier they share is buried in the sand. The one who is jealous, the one who hopes, the one who helps, the one who walks together. Follow the two young geniuses on a journey of joy and despair, written by Ayasaki Shun, the master of romance.

This is the physical copy of If I Draw You, It Becomes A Lie novel.

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Alternative Names:
너를 그리면 거짓이 된다

Author: Shun Ayasaki

Size: 135*195mm

Language: Korean 

ISBN13: 9791138435529
ISBN10: 113843552X
Pages: 352


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