I Will Parry Everything to Become the Greatest Adventurer! - Manhwa

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Noor has always aspired to be an explorer like the heroes who break curses, vanquish dragons, and save the day in his father's tales. But as is common knowledge, you need the proper abilities to be an adventurer! Noor's "Parry" is regrettably bottom-of-the-barrel worthless, his chances are nonexistent, and everyone he knows is advising him to give up.

He decides there is only one thing to do in light of this brutal reality: make up for it through hard work! It should be possible with a focused, solitary exercise routine. He will practice for five years if one won't do. Ten instead of five!

This is the physical copy of the I Will Parry Everything to Become the Greatest Adventurer! manhwa.


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Alternative Names:
코믹 나는 모든 것을 [패리] 한다
I Parry Everything: What Do You Mean I'm the Strongest? I'm Not Even an Adventurer Yet!

Author: Nabeshiki

Size: 128 mm x 182 mm x 20 mm

Language: Korean

Volume 1
ISBN13: 9791127864118
ISBN10: 1127864114
Page: 186

Volume 2
ISBN13: 9791127867812
ISBN10: 1127867814
Page: 186

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