Eco Bridge - COMPILATION : Best Album (LP)

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Singer and songwriter, Eco Bridge has marked the KPop industry with moving music.

Eco Bridge is back with his COMPILATION album in LP.


100% Authentic Eco Bridge Product

Ships to Worldwide DHL / Fedex

Package composition:

* 2022 Vinyl Mastering Mastered by PROPER Studios
* 180g clear orange color limited edition
* Vinyl Pressed in France
* Choi Baekho <When you go to Busan Extended ver.> included (Vinyl Only)
* Gatefold cover / 4-page lyrics book included

Track List: 

A1. Piano Riding 00:01:36
A2. Night and Day 00:03:49
A3. 가을이 아프다 00:04:00
A4. 첫째 날 [With 나얼] 00:04:55
A5. 어느날 문득 00:04:15
A6. 난 걷는다 [With 김호중] 00:03:33
B1. 부산에 가면 [With 최백호] Extended ver. 00:03:43
B2. 나랑 가자 [With 정엽] 00:03:46
B3. 안부 [With 박기영] 00:03:50
B4. 그대가 부네요 [With 김필] 00:03:58
B5. 밤의 한계 [With 권진아] 00:03:07
B6. 바다 끝 [With 최백호]

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