Diary of School Violence That Teachers Should Not Know About - Novel

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Zhang Feiya is a young girl whose life is thrown into turmoil after the death of her father, who was murdered. She experiences school violence and is isolated from her aunt who is preoccupied with her own problems. In her darkest hour, she finds solace in Chuan-hwan, a kind-hearted young man who works at a convenience store and likewise has a troubled past. Things take a turn for the worse when the perpetrator of school violence is connected to a loan shark and drug dealer, and Chuan-hwan's shocking secret is exposed.

This is the physical copy of Diary of School Violence That Teachers Should Not Know About novel.

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Alternative Names:
선생님이 알아서는 안 되는 학교 폭력 일기

Author: Kunlun

Size: 128*188mm

Language: Korean 

ISBN13: 9791160078749
ISBN10: 1160078742
Pages: 428


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