Debut or Die - Novel

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A 4th-year Civil Service student, possessing an unfamiliar body and returning to 3 years ago. And suddenly the status threat window appeared in front of him! 
[Outbreak!] "Status Abnormality: 'Debut or Death' Occurs!"
A diary about how the main character changes after a sudden threat of death force him to become an idol even though he has never been in the business before.
Speciality: He used to take and sell idols’ data.

Physical copy of the Debut or Die novel.


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Alternative Name: 데뷔 못 하면 죽는 병 걸림, Debut Mos Hamyeon Jugneun Byeong Geollim, If I Fail To Debut, I'll Get A Killer Disease 

Author: Deoksoo Baek

Illustrator: TENG

Language: Korean

Size: 139 x 197mm

Publication Date: December 08, 2022

Vol.1 (Part 1)
No. of Pages: 424
ISBN13: 9791140410484
ISBN10: 1140410482

Vol.2 (Part 1)
No. of Pages: 424
ISBN13: 9791140410491
ISBN10: 1140410490

Part 1 Set (Softcover)
No. of Pages: 848
ISBN13: 9791140410477
ISBN10: 1140410474

Part 1 Set (Hardcover - 1st edition)
No. of Pages: 848
ISBN13: 979140410507
ISBN10: 1140410504
Contents: All 2 books + Hardcover exclusive bookcase + First edition limited mini poster (book and wrapping)

Part 1 Limited Edition Box Set
No. of Pages: 848
ISBN13: 9791140410552
ISBN10: 1140410555
Contents: 2 books + Bookcase + Mouse pad + Mini poster + Slogan + 1 Lenticular card + 9 Photo cards + Griptok+ Illustration sign board

Part 2 Limited Edition Box Set
No. of Pages: TBC
ISBN13: 9791140477845
ISBN10: 1140477846
Contents: 4 volumes in total, 2 types of book cases + limited first edition postcard + scroll bar + acrylic key ring + Daenggi key ring + ink painting + photo card + bookmark + badge]


Vol.3 (Part 2)
No. of Pages: 504
ISBN13: 9791140477579
ISBN10: 1140477579

Vol.4 (Part 2)
No. of Pages: 472
ISBN13: 9791140477586
ISBN10: 1140477587

Vol.5 (Part 2)
No. of Pages: 488
ISBN13: 9791140477593
ISBN10: 1140477595

Vol.6 (Part 2)
No. of Pages: 480
ISBN13: 9791140477609
ISBN10: 1140477609

Part 2 Set(Softcover)
No. of Pages: TBC
Contents: 4 volumes in total

Part 2 Set(Hardcover - 1st edition)
No. of Pages: 1944
ISBN13: 9791140477616
ISBN10: 1140477617
Contents: All 4 volumes, 2 types of hardcover book cases + 2 hardcover first edition limited postcards, hardcover

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