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Cookie Run - Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album

Cookie Run - Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album
Cookie Run - Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album
Cookie Run - Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album
Cookie Run - Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album
Cookie Run - Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album
Cookie Run - Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album

Cookie Run - Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album

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The latest release from Cookie Run, comes a line of products that are so fascinatingly awesome!

Loved those soundtracks from Cookie Run? Here is a limited edition of the Cookie Run Kingdom 1st Anniversary Album! Enjoy your favorite soundtracks from the game.

100% Authentic Cookie Run Product

Ships to Worldwide via DHL / Fedex

Product Code: 6139037249

Package Contents: 
1 Exterior Package - 14cm x 19.7xm x 3.7cm
1 Digipack, Contains 3 CD-R Discs - 13.9cm x 18.9cm x 1.9cm
1 Album Book, Contains Soundtrack List & Illustrations (96 pages) - 13.9cm x 18.9cm x 1.3cm
1 Game Coupon, Game Item - 8.5cm x 5.4cm

- Disc 1 [Adventure I] - 44 Tracks / 65'11"
1. Welcome! Cookie Run: Kingdom
2. The beginning of history
3. Black Powder War, in its ruins
4. Black Powder War, the final showdown
5. Have a happy dream in the oven
6. The land where black powder scatters
7. The Adventure Begins
8. A Day in the Joyful Kingdom
9. Sweet and sour cookie dream
10. Let's go meet a new friend
11. Secrets in the Witch's Oven
12. For more magical moments than magic
13. Clumsy Conspiracies
14. Hastily Chase
15. World 1. Land of Little Giants
16. Get the meat and toppings
17. First adventure full of excitement
18. We always dream
19. Dreaming Little King
20. Round and bouncy bear jelly village
21. Meaning of Kingdom
22. I'll Find You (Feat. Noh Seung-ho - Nemesis)
23. World 2. Dragon Hill
24. Aim! Bounty Hunter!
25. The first meeting is like a mirage
26. Fly in the wind over marvelous land
27. World 3. The Pilgrim's Path
28. Towards an honorable battlefield
29. A decisive battle that cannot be turned back
30. Stay alert! pilgrim village
31. Resting place for noisy travelers
32. Cookies Spreading Darkness
33. Formation! The Cookie Federation with Beacon
34. Find the traces of the beacon legend
35. Light the Beacon
36. Fierce Battle! face the great threat
37. Call of the Magic City Council
38. Parpedia Academy
39. World 4. Gateway of Heroes
40. Running through unknown lands
41. World 5. Polluted Pomegranate Forest
42. Pomegranate Village and the Last Divine Tree
43. World 6. Altar of Ancient Divine Wood
44. No matter what hardships come, I will not stop

- Disc 2 [Adventure II] - 34 Tracks / 61'00"
1. World 7. Forgotten Academy of Magic
2. Welcoming guests in the ghost town
3. Voyeur Golkaron
4. Secret Garden of Forbidden Memories
5. A world just for the two of us
6. World 8. Hall of Enlightenment
7. Darkness Risen
8. World 9. Castle in the Sky
9. Dive into the vortex of battle
10. World 10. A kingdom where time has stopped
11. Leave your fear behind and move forward
12. Visitor of the Kingdom Pure Vanilla Cookies
13. Dark Witch Cookie's Banquet
14. Courage to Face the Darkness
15. A Huge Threat
16. Always as crispy as the first time
17. My Kingdom (Feat. Jay Marie)
18. Cookie Run in Chaos: Kingdom
19. Chaos Cake Tower
20. Secret Directive
21. Bear the weight of those who want to know the truth
22. Where Chaos Is Born
23. A Flower That Falls With a Broken Heart
24. What was rescued from the dregs of chaos
25. Fallen Lily Blossoms
26. Heavy Truth, Harsh Battles
27. Berry Jungle Forest
28. The difference between excitement and anxiety
29. World 11. Grandberry Trade Market
30. World 12. Palace of Passion
31. At a ballroom full of berry fragrance
32. The Hammer Princess Three Musketeers
33. You who know honor, raise your sword
34. Appearing! Holly Berry Cookies

- Disc 3 [Seasonal] - 42 Tracks / 66'50"
1. Refreshing Tok Tok Tropical Soda System
2. Messy Watermelon Village
3. Running on the sandy beach
4. Stinky Stinky Jack
5. Fierce battle with splashing water
6. Suspicious Bet
7. Outlaw on the Sea
8. Aspiring Pirates on Deck
9. Breaking through the rough waves and beyond the horizon
10. Sneaky Princess Cookies
11. Crisis rushing like a tsunami
12. Decisive Battle on the Shipwreck
13. Five Colored Memories
14. Appeared! sea fairy cookies
15. I Don't Need Toppings (Feat. Jiyoon Park)
16. A special day with fast friends
17. Mara's Feast Day
18. To be the ultimate winner
19. The Universe's Worst Villains
20. Fall down or knock down
21. Halloween's Cookie Run: Kingdom
22. Spooky Naughty Day
23. Opened in Xinjiang Montblanc Dressing Room
24. Cookie's Transformation Is Innocent
25. Halloween Masquerade
26. Will you remember me?
27. Cookie Run in the Snow: Kingdom
28. When The Snow Feels Warm (Title Screen Version)
29. When The Snow Feels Warm (A Cappella Version)
30. The Lullaby of Cotton Flavored Cookies
31. Life flows with the guide
32. Leader of the Ice Castle
33. Swaying Wind Flower
34. A little light illuminates the snowy field
35. When The Snow Feels Warm (Full Version)
36. Frost and Snow Field of Blizzard
37. Appeared! Frost Queen Cookies
38. A Day in the Kingdom of Falling Snow
39. A glass of cocoa in the middle of winter
40. Behind the Stage
41. Special performances for long-time audiences
42. Orchestra of Joy

Note: Pre-order ends at February 13, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59 (GMT+9). Product will be delivered starting from February 14, 2022 (Monday) (GMT+9). Game coupon can be only used after March 1, 2022 (Tuesday) after the game update.

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