Weekly Trends! - Must Read Manhwa

Weekly Trends! - Must Read Manhwa

Craving a fresh story that'll leave you wanting more?

Buckle up! We're here to introduce you to three trending manhwa picks that are guaranteed to fuel your imagination and keep you glued to the page!

1. Beast of Blood

Beast of Blood throws you into a thrilling world where humans have evolved alongside the blood of beasts. Here, society divided into four races: Niers (regular humans), Vamps, Lycans, and Sirens. Together, the latter three are known as the Beasts of Blood, or B.O.B.s.

Our protagonist, Haruka, is a carefree Nier. But his ordinary life gets a wild plot twist when his eccentric dad throws him a curveball – a surprise marriage! Haruka's new stepfamily? Three stunning B.O.B.s his own age! Can Haruka survive the chaos and maybe even find some love amidst the whirlwind?

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2. Sketch - Season 2 SYMPATHY A

They say first impressions are everything, but what if your first encounter with someone leaves you utterly confused? That's the quirky premise of Sketch - Season 2 SYMPATHY A. Lee Kyung, an aspiring artist, stumbles upon Joobin, a captivating stranger shrouded in mystery. What starts as an artistic itch to capture Joobin's essence blossoms into something more. Sketch offers a delightful blend of humour, romance, and clever storytelling, making it a perfect read for anyone who enjoys a good rom-com.

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3. Pojatoon Memories

Get ready to melt your heart with Pojatoon Memories, the heartwarming and hilarious tale of Korea's longest-running cat cartoon! This slice-of-life manhwa follows the adorable antics and purr-fect moments of everyone's favourite feline characters. Pojatoon Memories is a must-read for anyone who needs a dose of cuteness and a reminder of the simple joys in life!

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Whether you're craving action-packed battles, heartwarming romance, or simply want to be charmed by the power of cats, these manhwas have something to offer everyone. Happy reading!

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