Five Trending Korean Novels You Need to Read Right Now

Five Trending Korean Novels You Need to Read Right Now

Stuck at home and wanted do read something to keep yourself busy? Or do you just want to learn and brush up on your Korean language skills? 

Here are some exceptional Korean light reading for you to indulge in this beautiful language. 


It's Okay to Not Be Okay


You will need these series of novels to accompany you as you suffer through 'withdrawal' symptoms from the drama's ending.

Popularised by the TV series, there are also five children books that were featured in the drama.

Find out about the Boy Who Fed On Nightmares and the Zombie Child, and read about Finding The Real Face, a book written by the two wonderful leads in the drama. There is also the short novella about A Spring Day's Dog and one titled The Hand, The Monkfish.

Read the full novels or the five children's books; these wholesome stories will make you feel even more content in life.


Remarried Empress


Our second choice is the Remarried Empress novel series.

This nail-biting tale is about Navier, who is the universe's perfect choice to be crowned as the Empress, the Emperor's wife.

However, the Emperor does not want an ally. So he rejects her and decides to have a slave woman by his side instead. What does that mean for Navier?

Read about everyone's most anticipated divorce, and look forward to discovering Navier's adventure into finding her own journey.


Suddenly Became A Princess One Day



Our next choice is the Suddenly Became A Princess One Day light novel series. This series also go by the name 'One Day I Became a Princess' and 'Who Made Me a Princess'.

Meet Athanasia, the main female character who becomes a beautiful princess overnight. Despite the usual fairy tales, she realizes that it's not an easy job, after all.

Some people want to harm her, and there are also those who want to get near to her with some ulterior motives in mind.

Follow her journey as she navigates her new role and as she finds some quirky new friends.


Solo Leveling / I Alone Level-Up

Want something more exciting? Perhaps an intriguing fantasy storyline with some tales of action and adventure thrown into the mix?

The light novel, Solo Leveling (also known as I Alone Level-Up), fits that bill!

It is a perilous world with magical Hunters and powerful monsters, and the power of one man to defend the human race.

Follow Seong Jin-Woo's journey as he embarks on an adventure to become an unparalleled existence through an impressive 'Level-Up' system.


Tower of God

And finally, let's read about something mysterious and unique.

The Tower of God is a famous webtoon/manhwa that has gained a significant following.

The main character is a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, and he spends most of his life confined underneath a huge and strange tower. He has no one to keep him company, except for a single friend, Rachel.

However, soon, tragedy strikes and he loses the one thing that he holds most dear to his heart. It is a fantastic read to see the lengths he goes to regain what was his.


There are many more book selections, but these are our current favorites.

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