An Open Letter About CCS Adapter

An Open Letter About CCS Adapter

An Open Letter  

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for your support from when we first proxy-shipped Tesla adapters and then selling the current third-party adapter. We have been very grateful for everyone's support and, of course, orders.  

Unfortunately, we have not been able to comment much on this matter, as recommended by our legal counsel. We had to pause the listing on our website due to an issue with our supplier that involved price-fixing requests from multiple sources, including the supplier. Currently, there is only one manufacturer for this third-party adapter in China, and thus, we share the same supplier with our direct competitor. 

Those who have kept a close eye on our product listing might have noticed our price fluctuation. There was a reason for that. We believe in pricing our items fairly—the more accurate meaning of a healthy and fair market. We also believe that a third-party item should be significantly lower than an original item's price.

Alas, we have received less-than-friendly messages and emails from multiple sources in the market, trying to get us to fix the price of the third-party adapter. We initially came to a compromise—they allowed us to sell at a discounted price if we 'subtly promoted' it at the same original price. We did not like it, but we agreed to the condition as our customers still got to purchase it at a fairer price.     

Unfortunately, things did not end there. We have tried our best to handle things professionally with the competition. We have tried our best to remain neutral, even when we get dubious accounts bashing us for our competitive prices. We still replied to questionable comments and reviews, and it was pretty apparent that we were contributing to the community.  

We recently tried to do something nice for the community—a further discount as a thank you for everyone's support. Perhaps that was the last straw for our competition. We received word from our supplier that they can no longer provide us with the adapter. We currently have hundreds of orders with them, but regretfully, they informed us that those orders would all be canceled. We will be contacting our customers who are still waiting for shipment about the refund. 

Again, we would like to thank you for your support. This abrupt cancelation is very unfair—to us and our customers. So, we would like to take this opportunity to explain the ongoings behind the scenes. We have tried to stay professional and keep a low-profile, just processing and fulfilling orders. However, it seems like this open letter is long overdue.   

We are genuinely sorry if you are caught up in this circumstance. Thank you again for your kind attention, and should you need any support for your order, please email us at  

We would love to continue selling Tesla-related items for those who are unable to purchase them easily in their home country. In the meantime, due to some negative feedback from our customers regarding the current third-party adapter's quality control, we are happy to report that we have decided to research and make preparations to manufacture a new and improved third-party adapter as another option for Tesla owners. 

We will have more to share soon, so do stay tuned to our posts!  

The Harumio Team.