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Matryoshka night

Matryoshka night
Matryoshka night
Matryoshka night
Matryoshka night

Matryoshka night

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Author Tatsumi Atsukawa (Written) Translated by Jaewon Lee

Reservation sale period: Thursday, December 28, 2023, to Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Publication date: Scheduled for Thursday, January 11, 2024


‘No. 1 in the Top 10 Authentic Mysteries’
‘Won the Authentic Mystery Grand Prize in the Criticism and Research Categories’ The second collection of works by Tatsumi Atsukawa
, a phenomenal talent in the Japanese mystery world! A meticulous plot and bold tricks filled with infinite love for the mystery genre ! A series of overlapping twists and turns that test the limits of ‘real mystery’!

In 2021, Atsukawa Tatsumi's second collection of works, “Matryoshka Night,” following “The Invisible Man Hides in a Secret Room,” which swept various mystery rankings, will be published in Korea. 《Matryoshka Night》 is also structured in the same way as the previous work.

It is not a series of short stories, but an independent story composed under four ingenious settings, all of which are imbued with the author's infinite affection for the mystery genre. As the title suggests, the stories overlap endlessly and are filled with endless twists and turns.

The big setting called 'Corona incident' and each short story's unique setting. In this overlapping setting, Atsukawa Tatsumi unfolds logic that is literally acrobatic. The author's techniques, which she has honed by constantly reading and critiquing mystery novels from all over the world, including plot, foreshadowing, tricks, and twists, are truly admirable.
Author information
Author (article) Atsukawa Tatsumi

Personal information
Contemporary novelist>Japanese writer
Born in Tokyo in 1994. Graduated from the University of Tokyo. In 2017, “Detectives Don’t Lie” debuted after being selected for “KAPPA-TWO,” Kobunsha’s full-scale mystery rookie discovery contest. Works include 《Memories of Seongyeongsa》, 《Murder at Hongnyeon-gwanの殺館の殺人》, 《Murder at Chang Hae-gwan》, 《Recorded Kidnapping》 》, 《the sound of the afternoon bell There is a song like “Until it rings.” Currently one of the most notable young writers in the Japanese mystery world, he has swept leading mystery literature awards, including the 〈2021 Best 10 Mysteries〉, with 《The Invisible Man Hiding in a Secret Room》, and has repeatedly become a favorite of the literary world, receiving rave reviews from great writers. It came out. In 2022, he won the ‘23rd Full-scale Mystery Grand Prize’ in the criticism and research category for his essay “Atsukawa Tatsumi’s Reading Diary.”

ISBN 9791192738222
Publication (release) date December 28, 2023
number of pages page 344
Total number of volumes Volume 1
Original signature/author name Enter the child at night/阿津川辰海/著

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