A Guide to Paying Using Transferwise

It's really easy to pay with Transferwise, just follow these simple steps!

If you don't already have an account, register for one here: TransferWise.
With this link, you should get your first transaction fee waived.


Step 1:

After you have logged on to your Transferwise account, choose the
'Send Money' option in your dashboard.


Step 2:

  • Choose your currency (usually it's the same as the country where you're from).
  • Then, choose USD for the receipient currency and enter the amount as stated in your invoice.
  • For customers in the US, if you can't select USD to USD local transfer, please contact Wise support to enable it.
  • The form will automatically calculate the amount that you need to pay in the 'You send' field.
  • You can also change the fee settings if you do not want the default one.


Step 3:

Choose whether you are transferring from your personal back account or your
business bank account.


Step 4:

Enter your personal details, if you have not already done so.


Step 5 :

Choose the type of transfer.
To transfer to Harumio, please make sure you choose Business.

Step 6:

Put in the account details for Harumio.

  • Enter our email into the email field: admin@harum.io
  • Write "Harumio" as the name of business.

Transferwise will automatically find our account.


Step 7:

Review your payment details.
Optionally, you can write your invoice number as in the reference box.


Step 8:

Then, choose how you'd like your transfer type, whether you'd like to pay via
credit card, debit card, or transfer from your bank. This is up to your preference.


Step 9:

Depending on your choice, connect to your bank and continue with the payment.


After you have made the payment, just wait for the message for a successful transaction.
Don't forget to get a screenshot of the transaction and email it to us.

You can reply to our last email correspondence, or email us at support@harum.io