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    ZMON - Manhwa
    $40.00 USD
    This book contains English content with cartoon imagination created by an elementary school student. This is the physical copy of the ZMON manhwa.  
    Teteum - Bebe Book Diary
    $51.00 USD
    The newest merchandise from Teteum is now available. Record and keep your precious memories in this adorable book diary. Designed with a soft silk coating on a hardcover. It also comes with a piece of sticker to decorate your diary as a free gift. Let's fill up your 12 months with Bebe!  
    The Friendly Winter - Manhwa
    from $40.00 USD
    A kid with a mental condition who has the mind of a tiny boy in the body of a 17-year-old meets a 19-year-old girl with a rare development disorder that leaves her in the body of a small child. We are given an adorable glimpse into their daily struggles and triumphs in A Friendly Winter. This is the physical copy of the The Friendly Winter manhwa.  
    Mapi's Attic - Manhwa
    $40.00 USD
    After a protracted time of being out of print, "Mapi's Attic," which was serialized in Nate comics and garnered a lot of affection, has been completely rewritten and released. The reader is given a peaceful feeling and laughter by the sparse depiction of the main character Mapi and his pals' daily lives. This is the physical copy of the Mapi's Attic manhwa.  
    The Day After We Broke Up - Manhwa
    from $41.00 USD
    Through their shared love of music, Da-in and Yu-tak are better able to understand one another and feel more than simply friends. Since there is an intensity of compassion that can be felt even without words, one day when there was no way to conceal the growing heart. As time went on, they grew accustomed to one another as if it were slowly becoming colored. A creaking crack begun to establish between the two due to one minor misunderstanding. This is the physical copy of the The Day After We Broke Up manhwa.  
    Human Stench - Manhwa
    $43.00 USD
    Seong-ho, the protagonist, has been residing in a gosiwon for two years. In this environment, he must solve every problem with his breath as though he were a "non-existent person". He frequently says, "This is why these morons living in places like this can't work", as he observes the people around him who don't appear to have a future, despite the fact that he too is staying at the gosiwon due to his inability to find employment. The individual who believed he was dead by hanging himself opens his lips widely and begins attacking the patrons of the gosiwon until one day a weird sound emanates from Seong-next ho's room. There are still 10 survivors despite the fact that there are biting creatures everywhere. This is the physical copy of the Human Stench manhwa.  
    Plant Life - Manhwa
    from $42.00 USD
    This is a story about plant enthusiasts. Those who deal with plants on a daily basis have diverse jobs, such as different plants and the quantity of plants they share. They all, however, find peace in their souls by viewing plants and realizing life by watching them flourish. And they always say, "I enjoy plants". After hearing the experiences of ten plant enthusiasts, you will know that caring for plants is, after all, a question of silently delving into your own world and devoting time and effort. This is the physical copy of the Plant Life manhwa.  
    True Color of Labor - Manhwa
    from $41.00 USD
    Jang Do-ri, a robust and straightforward young man, works for the National Police Agency. Do-ri's heart is elsewhere. He generally manages the stores of the villagers and the Prince of the Security Bureau. Do-rii's ambition is to join the SF Construction Team, the world's strongest construction team! Do-rii's mother, on the other hand, passionately opposes the idea, and Dori covertly prepares for the competition. This is the physical copy of the True Color of Labor manhwa.  
    Coffee Romance - Manhwa
    $40.00 USD
    Even when they feel lonely and despondent, modern individuals go about their lives without informing their families. The café owner, novelist Heo-mi, listens to their life tales and shares their happiness and sorrows. This is the physical copy of the Coffee Romance manhwa.  
    Girl Shop - Manhwa
    from $42.00 USD
    The main character is a career lady who excels at work and is admired by her female colleagues, but she is essentially a lonely person in every situation. People around her are trying to bring her down, and she has no friends to talk to. She has no one to console her even when she enters her house with tears in her eyes. Her miraculous narrative begins when her shopping center model appears by happenstance and accepts her present. This is the physical copy of the Girl Shop manhwa.  
    He Who Doesn't Kill And She Who Doesn't Die - Manhwa
    $40.00 USD
    One day, a social media user began uploading a 4-panel comic with the nickname "End of the Century". The narrative of a girl who always wished to die and a boy who watched after her was initially created in a pleasant manner. However, as time progressed, it began to garner positive feedback from other people for its substance that went beyond cuteness, and even enthusiastic fans arrived, and it was transformed into a movie that received positive feedback. This is the physical copy of the He Who Doesn't Kill And She Who Doesn't Die manhwa.  
    Meddling in Life - Manhwa
    from $40.00 USD
    The book alters in composition and drawing technique to conform to the format of Internet webtoons while maintaining the code of 'delightful laughter found in everyday life'. This is the physical copy of the Meddling in Life manhwa.  
    Raccoon's Parenting Diary - Manhwa
    $40.00 USD
    When several incidents emerge in this novel, surprise, fun, irritation, and pity add newness to the plot, as if the bundles of the love room story were unwrapped one by one. Furthermore, as a new parent, you will be able to experience knowledge and emotion at the same time, as the wonderful love and anguish for new life and the childcare period of 200% empathy, errors, and empathy are melted together. This is the physical copy of the Raccoon's Parenting Diary manhwa.  
    Evidence - Manhwa
    from $37.00 USD
    A cartoon depicting dread as it appears in everyday life. Seong-jin, who has recently been discharged from the military, pays a visit to her estranged girlfriend, Yeon-ji, and uses a flowing brush stroke to depict their time together in her room. Seong-jin, the main character, senses the presence of someone peering in Yeon-room ji's without a kitchen window, and the suspense is amplified in detail. It captures the reality of terror felt in common settings such as dance studios and convenience stores, and it identifies who is to blame. This is the physical copy of the Evidence manhwa.  
    Fist of Legend - Manhwa
    from $40.00 USD
    Lim-Duk-Gue is far from your ideal father: he's divorced, poor, and works in construction. However, a talent scout encouraged him to be a part of Fist of Legend, a TV show in which middle-aged men who were formerly known for being strong in their teens compete in an all-out battle to see who would be the victor. The loser is then mocked by everyone else. This is the physical copy of the Fist of Legend manhwa.  
    Pink Lady Classic - Manhwa
    from $40.00 USD
    Join the cast of Pink Lady as they leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and go on a time-traveling alternate reality art history journey. This is the physical copy of the Pink Lady Classic manhwa.  
    Go Sam Ran Away from Home - Manhwa
    $40.00 USD
    The plot opens with the main character, Go-sam Lee, stealing and eating rice from a growling dog. The main character agonizes over whether or not to take his undergarments and flee from home at a time when it is not enough for him to attend the institution of his choice and study for the college entrance exam. What type of surprises await Go-sam's escape? This is the physical copy of the Go Sam Ran Away from Home manhwa.  
    Villain's Story - Manhwa
    $40.00 USD
    Despite major employment troubles, Kim Do-shik is hired by a prominent corporation with a 50-year history. Someone gives a loving hand to him on the first day of joining the firm with a swelling dream, who is crying because the company has vanished. The corporation is 'Hongeodan,' a H company that aspires of world dominance by threatening the peaceful earth, and Do-shik joins the monster creation team as a new employee. This is the physical copy of the Villain's Story manhwa.  
    Moon You - Manhwa
    from $41.00 USD
    Moon Yoo unwittingly ends up being the only person alive when an asteroid wipes off the Earth, or so he believes. He struggles with being the last human still alive while stuck on a research station on the moon. He has no idea that Earth's population is keeping an eye on him at all times. This is the physical copy of the Moon You manhwa.  
    The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior - Light Novel
    from $40.00 USD
    A normal high school student in Japan reincarnates into the eight-year-old body of Princess Pride. The first order of business: survive to see another day. Using her cheat-like abilities, she resolves to save her father, rescue the kingdom, and become a kind and benevolent ruler. And so, Pride resolves to change her fate, no matter what it takes! These are the physical copies of The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior light novel.  
    I Started As Summoners In VRMMO - Manga
    from $40.00 USD
    The world's first action game VRMMO FWO (Fantasy World Online). The main character chose to become a Summoner. While not so much particularly willing to go about aggressively capturing monsters or aim to be the strongest player. Just wanting to have the adventure to search for cute monsters and clothes' material. Without noticing the flow of one situation after another, he becomes the top-ranking Summoner. These are the physical copies of I Started as Summoners in VRMMO manga.  
    Roll Over and Die: I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life - Light Novel
    from $40.00 USD
    When a curse turns into a blessing, that despair is reversed. A dark fantasy of a girl named Plum, fighting the darkness of the royal capital. This is the story of one girl who continued to crawl up from the very bottom in order to regain her peaceful everyday life. These are the physical copies of Roll Over and Die: I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life with My Love and Cursed Sword! light novel.  
    If You Can See Love - Manga
    from $40.00 USD
    Mei Haruno was born with the troublesome ability to be able to see pink arrows indicating who people were in love with. In order to escape, she chooses to enroll in an all-girls boarding school in the hopes of never getting involved in romance again...only to discover not one, but two arrows directed right at her! These are the physical copies of If You Can See Love manga.  
    Orc Hero Tale - Light Novel
    from $40.00 USD
    Bash, the strongest warrior who defeated numerous enemies in the battle of the Bastania continent over the 12 races and received the title of Hero. He garners the respect and trust of all orcs, but in fact, he harbors a great secret. In order to protect the pride and honor of the tribe, the Orc hero sets out on a journey to find a bride. This is the story of a man who becomes a true hero. These are the physical copies of Orc Hero Tale light novel.  
    Lonely Castle in the Mirror - Manga
    from $37.00 USD
    Kokoro Anzai, a first-year junior high school student who was bullied at school and locked herself in her room. One day, a mirror suddenly started to glow in front of Kokoro's eyes. After passing through her shining mirror, there was a mysterious castle in front of it. 'Wolf-sama', the guide of the castle, tells seven middle school students including Kokoro to find the key to 'the room that makes any wish come true'. These are the physical copies of Lonely Castle in the Mirror manga.  
    Potato Farms in Papillon - Manhwa
    from $41.00 USD
    This four-panel cat cartoon, which is utterly devoid of romanticism, charmingly portrays the actual appearance of the household cat from the "omniscient butler's point of view". This is the physical copy of the Potato Farms in Papillon manhwa.  
    Daily Jojo - Manhwa
    from $45.00 USD
    There is always tomorrow for Eunjo, an everyday office worker who lives by the personal maxim, "There's always tomorrow!". She lacks self-control, is disorganized, and has no idea how to dress nicely. The complete opposite of her is her coworker Wan Jo. He adheres to strict self-care rules and is sensitive about the well cultivated image he projects. They do, however, have the trait of being perpetually at war with their past and future selves. This is the physical copy of the Daily Jojo manhwa.  
    Living Story Season 2 - Manhwa
    from $41.00 USD
    A college student's humorously strange yet ultimately touching account of a typical day. This is the physical copy of the Living Story Season 2 manhwa.  
    Albino - Manhwa
    from $41.00 USD
    The albino, who does unseen tasks in society like picking up rubbish, laboring on building sites, and providing cleaning services, discreetly maintains his position despite human rejection and abandonment. The drab environment in which the albino works exudes coziness and warmth rather than cynicism or hypocrisy, and the feelings suggested by the straightforward lines and unfilled spaces filled in with a pencil are strong. A white-haired boy's straightforward way of living inspires optimism. This is the physical copy of the Albino manhwa.  
    Sadly This Is My Life - Manhwa
    from $41.00 USD
    A humorous portrayal of the actual life experiences of the author of "Sad," who has encountered a variety of difficulties and tribulations since beginning his social life as a designer at a modest business. This is the physical copy of the Sadly This Is My Life manhwa.  
    Come to Me - Manhwa
    $41.00 USD
    Her actual life in the group she was a part of at school serves as the backdrop to her narrative. Exquisite scenes depict little yet sympathetic stories of university life, such as the daily use of alcohol in a club, troublemakers who spread rumors, and romantic relationships that develop between friends. This is the physical copy of the Come to Me manhwa.  
    Dad's 4th Year Picture Diary - Manhwa
    $42.00 USD
    The start of a new parenting diary has been released, charmingly depicting his daughter Mirae's day in four small windows. This is the physical copy of the Dad's 4th Year Picture Diary manhwa.  
    Living with a Poodle - Manhwa
    from $43.00 USD
    The main focus of this piece is a lighthearted and amusing portrayal of a brown poodle and his owner. This is the physical copy of the Living with a Poodle manhwa.  
    Again - Manhwa
    from $40.00 USD
    A new mystery emerges four years after the Timing events, posing fresh threats to those who are still alive. This is the physical copy of the Again manhwa.  
    $64.00 USD
    The official merch of BTS!  Take your love for BTS with you while traveling in Korea by reading the official BTS Travel Book. Filled with helpful hints and useful expressions, this book is a must-read for ARMY that want to visit Korea and wish to complete missions like them! Pre-order period (KST): Mon. November 28, 2022, 11:00 AM - until sold out Scheduled Shipping:Begins on Wed. January 4, 2023 NOTE: Pre-order. Shipping will start in the January 2023 onwards. If you have a preorder item in an order with another item that is already available, your entire order will be shipped together when the preorder item arrives and is in stock. Items will not be shipped separately within the same order number. *First Edition Special Gifts (While stocks last)- Buy BTS TRAVEL BOOK and get 1 group postcard.    
    My Older Brother Has Disappeared - Manhwa
    $41.00 USD
    The narrative takes place in a virtual version of Korea where offenders face harsher penalties than in our world. It demonstrates how society as a whole will change as a result of us. This is the physical copy of the My Older Brother Has Disappeared manhwa.  
    Marine Blues - Manhwa
    from $40.00 USD
    A young man in his 20s from a beachside upbringing began living alone in Seoul. This piece is a cartoon diary that depicts a normal man in his twenties going about his daily life. This is the physical copy of the Marine Blues manhwa.  
    Hello Community - Manhwa
    from $48.00 USD
    In Munan-dong, a historic area that has escaped development. Mr. Park, who managed a picture studio in this little village where most people are old, is discovered dead at home one day. The residents of the neighborhood are horrified when they learn of a close neighbor's passing after the fact and come to the realization that it is not unusual for anyone to pass away alone at any time. In order to preserve our pride on the final path, we ask each other questions about life and death every morning in the "Hello Community," a group to prevent death by loneliness. This is the physical copy of the Hello Community manhwa.  
    Libre Tea - Manhwa
    from $41.00 USD
    "Is this how an adult should live?”. Women who are still juggling work, dreams, and love were deeply affected by the Naver Healing Webtoon. This is the physical copy of the Libre Tea manhwa.  
    Tintin Tinkle! (Winter Edition) - Manhwa
    $45.00 USD
    A webtoon about the pleasant daily lives of charming kitties Tintin and Tinkle has just been launched as a deluxe cover edition for the season's second half. This is the physical copy of the Tintin Tinkle! (Winter Edition) manhwa.  
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