Items You'd Want from the K-Drama: True Beauty

Items You'd Want from the K-Drama: True Beauty

Can't get enough of the Korean TV series, True Beauty? Well, we'll have to admit it—we can't get enough of Lim Ju-kyung, Lee Su-ho, and Han Seo-jun too!

Everything in the drama looks so beautiful that it makes us want to be a part of it! Of course, the best we can do is search for items from that drama—perhaps that would cure us of the yearnings!

Ju-kyung's Super Adorable Backpack

The backpack that we see on Moon Ga Young's character in the first episode is from the Lapalette brand, and it's called the Picardie Backpack!

We're so in love this cute little backpack! It's practical and oh-so-stylish—we want it in every color!


Ju-kyung's Gorgeous Hair Accessories


Want to get the same natural curls as Ju-kyung? She made it look so effortless too!

Perhaps it is Vodana's GlamWave Curling Iron and Triple Flow Wave Iron that made those styles look super easy!

Both of these Korean hair accessories are an excellent investment for easy and fantastic hairstyles!


Ju-kyung's Makeup Look


No one can resist Ju-kyung's gorgeous look in the tv series!

Copy her sweet and voluminous lips with the exact lip tint that Moon Ga Young uses in the drama—Colorgram's Thunderbolt Tint Laquer! Comfortable and long-lasting, it is definitely a must-have in a lady's purse!

Moon Ga Young also uses Colorgram's Multi Cube Palette to add colors to her eyes and cheeks. Soft and natural, these colors will highlight your features and give it a subtle glow!

You can also get her character, Ju-kyung's beautiful complexion with Colorgram's Rosy Tone Up Cream. This moisturizing and soothing cream will brighten any dull complexion almost immediately!

Read and Collect the Manhwa

If you can't get enough of Lim Ju-kyung, Lee Su-ho, and Han Seo-jun, don't fret! You can always restart their adventure with the True Beauty original manhwa!

It's always lovely to read and compare to see where it differs with the tv series, and you'll get a different perspective from the characters as well!

Plus, it will make a great collection!


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