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Official Dungeon Fighters DNF Figures - Golden Strengthener Static


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Golden Strengthener Statics!

When you press the button on the right, the light and sound are enhanced and strengthened like a strengthener in the game.

Reinforce challenge today!



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Handling Precautions

· Do not touch the battery with wet hands.

• Insert the batteries in the correct +/- direction. (Using three AA batteries)

· Do not place the unit near a heating unit (stove, microwave oven, etc.) or place it inside.

· Do not drop the product or subject it to external shocks.

· Do not color the product or put stickers on it.

· Do not modify, disassemble or repair the product yourself.


Product Information

· Material: LG PC 1201-15, PCB

· Package size: 195x150x120 (WxDxH)

· Product Size: 143x110x88 (WxDxH)

· Age: 15 years old

· Manufacturer: Baum & Partners

· Country of Origin: China



Ships Internationally via EMS / DHL / Fedex

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Return Policy

Harumio provides Korea proxy service.

Items are sourced from official retail channels from the respective manufacturers. Items sold non-returnable and non-refundable. Warranty is as provided by the manufacturer, however, buyer would need to ship the product back to Korea for any repairs.