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Leopold FC660C Low Noise Black


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Leopold Leopold FC660C Mechanical Keyboard
Excellent for gaming and typing, this Leopold FC660C mechanical keyboard features tactile switches for tactile feedback without the noise of a clicky style switch.
The Leopold FC660C Mini keyboard offers Topre's Capacitive switches. This extra compact layout allows most functions of a full size keyboard by using the embedded function layer. LEDs are under the caps lock and insert keys for convenience. Steel plate construction and 45g switches make for a pleasant typing experience.

Made in Japan

Dip Switch Functions :
Dip 1 / SW1 - Ctrl (left) and Caps Lock swap
Dip 2 / SW2 - Windows and Alt (left) swap
Dip 3 / SW3 - Windows and Fn swap
Dip 4 / SW4 - Windows Key Enable / Disable

Details and Specifications
Brand Leopold
Model FC660C
Size 60%
Switch Topre 45g
Keycap Material PBT
Keycap Color Grey
Keycap Print Method Dye Sub
Keycap Print Position Top
USB Key Rollover 6
Multimedia Keys Yes
Switch Mount Type Plate
Built in Audio Port No
Built in Mic Port No
Dimensions 12.90" x 4.37" x 1.50
Primary Interface USB
Windows Compatible Yes
Mac Compatible No
Linux Compatible No
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Weight 1.54 lbs
Cord Length 72 inches


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