Chuu -Pink Romance Dress Set

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Chuu -Pink Romance Dress Set!


One-Piece Nitro Turtleneck Nitro
I am a pretty child even if I match only one sigh high boots.
Body shape is completely covered in the style of the rumble
It is a knitwear of a charm that is unusual to let you do.
It is possible to freely choose with a sense of comfort size -
Even if I wear it in the hood, I do not like it.
With its subtle and calm color,
Suitable for various skin tones and easy to styling
You can see it and it is item which is recommended as the daily system.
It's not as trendy as a classic design.
Only care about material management: -
You can wear it for a long time.
I want to pretend to be a soft boyfriend
Sassy pit's knitwear _ In your favorite color
Please try your choice at all>> <


Available Colors:


Available Sizes:

M, L 

Materials:Chiffon 100% (normal), velor 100% (normal)

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