Chuu - -5 youth skirt vol.9

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Chuu -  -5 youth skirt vol.9!

I will catch warmth and cuteness at the same time this winter !!!
A thick wool skirt that can be lovingly directed in winter
♡ for tennis skirt of 

Breezy in skirt pants style - It's an item you do not worry about running

Spread the same piece of skirt to the underpants.
It is an item filled with the treadmill until it can not be seen.

You can enjoy it every day with a check pattern that is steadily loved and tired: D

They are check-mixed in tone-down color,
It is mixed with colorful color check, and it is refreshing!
You can choose your favorite mood in 6 different colors.

It is well suited to any top, such as one-man, knit, etc.
I want to wear it again and again.

Available Colors:

Pink, Khaki, Black, Navy, Red

Available Sizes:

S, M, L

Materials: 100% polyester (normal)

Size Chart

skirt length(cm) 40 41 42
waist(cm) 32.5 36 38
hipline(cm) 45.5 48  50

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