BT21 P - Pocket - Run (Black)

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BT21 P - Pocket - Run (Black)

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It is a cute and practical multiple pouch that can conveniently store handwriting and personal belongings
It is divided into several sections so that you can conveniently store large quantities of goods.




Badge Size : 105*25*210mm

Package Component : 1*P - Pocket Run (Gray)


Made in Korea


Ships Internationally via EMS / DHL / FedEx

Shipping to US / Japan / EU / UK / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Singapore / Malaysia / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Thailand / Philippines / Russia / Saudi Arabia and many more!


Return Policy

Harumio provides Korea proxy service.

Items are sourced from official retail channels from the respective manufacturers. Items sold non-returnable and non-refundable. Warranty is as provided by the manufacturer, however, buyer would need to ship the product back to Korea for any repairs.