Eg. Bunjang / Naver/ Daum Cafe / Etc.

Cost Detail

Type Fee Detail
Products Fee

Price of your product that you are purchasing.


For Normal Orders:

$5 + 7% of Products Fee.

$5 flat fee for any normal order. Buy 1 or buy 5 items, and the commission fee for the order is still $5.

For Bunjang (second-hand goods) Orders:

Commision Fee + 7% of Products Fee.

Commision Fee = $5 per item

1 item = $5 fee
2 items = $10 fee
3 items = $15 fee
n items = $5 x n fee

Applicable for items from Bunjang, Wesellit, Junggonara and other second-hand markets.
International Shipping Fee

DHL, EMS, Fedex, Air Parcel shipping fees

Photo taking service for each products Free.  We will take a photo for all the items that you bought so that you will know what you are getting.