Wax Doll Explosion Academy - Novel

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About 900 years ago, a 30-year war decimated the population from 8 billion to 1 billion. As a result of the nuclear bomb, a small number of superpowers known as "mutants" began to be born. Fast forward to 870 years later, 20-year-old Ryu Hopi, who has been hiding his identity to avenge his mother, enters Hwado, a top training institute known as the best in the nation. However, he soon finds out that the school has a hidden secret and actually encourages students and aids people in committing murder and violence. He begins to investigate, and mysterious men start to take an interest in him. Hwado, a school that appears to be the most prestigious on earth but is actually the worst, hides a secret within its walls.

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Alternative Names:

Author: Amagin

Size: 140*210*80mm, Hardcover

Language: Korean

Book Case Set 
ISBN13: 9791167791931
ISBN10: 1167791932
Pages: 1,224
Volumes: 4
Composition Set (While Stocks Last): Author’s autographed printed book + 4 illustrated illustration postcards + 4 e-book cover illustrations + 4 clip-type metal bookmarks + 4 student records + special anecdotes, hardcover



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