BT21 - Baby Tincase Band-Aid Set - 50 sheets

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BT21 now has its own tin case band-aid set, get it now!

Band-aids to keep your heart and soul together. Or to fix you up when you have a boo-boo! 


100% Authentic and Official BT21 Product

Ships to Worldwide via EMS / DHL / Fedex

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Chimmy - 4842014809
Cooky - 4842014872
Koya - 4842015054
Mang - 4842015307
RJ - 4842014953
Shooky - 4842015185
Tata - 4842014730

Material: Vinyl Adhesive Tape, Pad (Non-woven Polyethylene Mesh)

Size: 7.2 x 1.8cm / 50 sheets

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